Jewellery Trends For 2017

Asymmetric Designs

Jewellery Trends For 2017 has seen away with traditional symmetry and streamline designs, we’re starting to see a strong trend for asymmetric designs, with random matchings of jewellery encouraged by the stackable jewellery trend along with multi-coloured stones paired with random shapes and styles.

Jewellery designs that encompass an unsymmetrical arrangement of stones, metal shape and colours has allowed freedom of character to show through in jewellery designs. Fashion for so long was ‘perfectly matched’, now things have been shaken up and people are wanting a point of difference to their jewellery.

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Stackable Jewellery

Streamline in jewellery meant that all rings that sit together must click into place perfectly, but thanks to the trend of stackable jewellery this ‘perfect placement’ has been thrown out the window. If you want to sit a diamond stacker ring next to your halo engagement ring then that’s perfectly fine! The rule is THERE ARE NO RULES when it comes to stackable jewellery, mix and match and have fun with design!



Multi-Stone Designs

We’re in-love with the multi-stone designs coming into fashion this year! The multi-stone trend has seen a large variety of colours to be paired together, whilst random shapes and sizes mean that the jewellery encompasses an artistic look that draws your attention to the style rather than simply being a ‘predictable layout’ that traditional jewellery has encompassed. If you want to have an Amethyst, Citrine and Topaz together then that’s exactly what you can have! We just have one word of advice when having multi-coloured stones in your piece of jewellery, ensure that the colours compliment one another– we’re happy to help guide you through this design process.

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Posted to GRJ Blog on Mon 1 2017