Hand Engraving & Microsetting


Step into the Gold River Jewellers store at North Lakes and then look towards the back of the shop, there you will see 8 letters written proudly WORKSHOP. The Gold River Jewellers WORKSHOP appends proudly behind 3 work benches, 3 spectacular jewellers and an array of leading industry equipment envied by jewellers across the world.

For those who know Gold River Jewellers know we are immensely passionate and committed to our industry and the clients to which we craft and design high quality jewellery for. Our complete focus is to produce REAL quality jewellery made by REAL jewellers – we do this through utilising our years of expertise in the industry combined with leading technologies and equipment.

GRAVERMAX G8 (New Engraving Machine)

The latest innovative piece of equipment to hit out workshop is the Gravermax G8 – yes it sounds wildly futuristic but that’s because it is! This piece of equipment is set to revolutionise the art of hand engraving and optical diamond setting. What this means for jewellery connoisseurs is that the detail and depth control in engraving and diamond setting has just transformed making our pieces of jewellery that even more spectacular.

Gold River Jewellers are already experienced in engraving and micro-setting, however to further our abilities towards micro-setting and engraving with the Gravermax G8 we invited Gabriel from

Jewellery Institute Australia to come up to our North Lakes store and run through new machine – The result of a wonderful week of collaboration with Gabriel was that our team of jewellers were able to design and create so many wonderful and unique pieces to which enhanced their already skilled abilities.


So what does all of this mean for you? Essentially what this means is that settings can be crafted with finer detail, in particular pave settings, grain settings and cutaway claws.

We can now also hand engrave onsite which includes scroll work and lettering on all sorts of materials.

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Posted to What's on on Fri 5 2017