Saying I Do to Something Old Transformed into Something New.

The emotional significance behind an heirloom piece as it makes its way from one person to another in the family is a significance that some of us are blessed enough to experience. To be able to wear something passed down by the ones we love both here or no longer around is an honour.

At Gold River Jewellers we understand the significance, and are here to help provide you with suggestions for what to do with such a special piece. Whether it is to clean the item, restore it to it’s original glory or to modernise it, we’re pleased to be able to provide you with real service to help you decide what to do with such a special item.

Which was why Jen & Brendan were so happy to find Gold River Jewellers – a place that understands the significance behind such a special piece. For Jen & Brendan a number of family members had used Gold River Jewellers before including re-clawing, re-making and cleaning their jewellery.

“They came highly recommended so we thought it was a great place for us to start. On our first day back in Brisbane we headed into Gold River Jewellers and the rest is history.” Jen says about finding Gold River Jewellers.

Jen & Brendan met 10 years ago working in retail together, and a little over two years ago Jen’s mother gave Brendan an engagement ring worn by Jen’s late Grandma. Brendan knew that such a special piece and a special lady deserved a special proposal. Brendan proposed to Jen on the top of Mount Wellington in Tasmania.

After the proposal Brendan and Jen spoke about what they would like to do with the ring. Jen says “it was wayyyy too big and the band was yellow gold which was really not my thing” Which is what lead the pair to Gold River Jewellers.

When Jen & Brendan arrived at Gold River Jewellers they weren’t entirely sure about what they wanted, they knew they wanted a white gold style however. So, Andrew and John sketched some concepts for Jen and Brendan to which they say “Andrew & John seemed to genuinely enjoy re-designing the piece for us”. So the pair looked at their options and went to discuss what to do over coffee – to which they decided to go with the redesign of the ring.

The pair were so grateful for the non-pressure environment at Gold River Jewellers and say that “We really appreciated that the team gave us space to consider our options. The ring we brought in was well loved and not in the best condition, but the team were professional and respectful of its sentimental value and helped guide us toward the best outcome to preserve that value but make it our own.”.


The result:


We asked Jen & Brendan about what they thought of their new piece to which they said “Although we were still nervous about going ahead with the re-make, we were confident that Andrew and John understood our brief – to make the ring in the likeness of the original but to accentuate its vintage features. We were so excited to pick the ring up and it certainly didn’t disappointThey nailed the brief and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome

We walked into Gold River Jewellers with Grandma’s ring and thanks to the team executing our vision perfectly, we came out with our ring.”

A note from the Team to Jen & Brendan – We’re so glad you both love your new ring and we wish you all the best with wedding planning and married life. Enjoy being engaged and wearing a high quality handmade piece with sentimental resonance. All the best to you both and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Warm wishes from the Gold River Jewellers team.

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Posted to Engagements on Tue 2 2017