Pearls – Transforming an Old Classic Into a Modern Masterpiece

Pearls ~ The Birthstone for June

Symbolising wisdom acquired through experience and are believed to attract wealth and good fortune.

From casual to formal, Pearls are sometimes overlooked as the perfect accessory. A simple pearl earring can be worn for any occasion and are available in a variety of colours and even shapes, from the traditional perfect cultured rounds to the free from Baroque. It’s time to look at pearls in a whole new light. We at Gold River Jewellers have added a modern twist to the classic.


Cultured Pearl

Cultured Pearl Studs


Baroque Pearl

Pearl and Diamond Necklace 9ct 2 Tone Cable Chain


Caring for your Pearls:

Avoid applying Perfume on or near your Pearls as this will permanently discolour and damage the lustre.

Remember to wipe over your pearls with a clean, soft damp cloth after each wear to remove all traces of perspiration and oils. Never wet the pearls as they are strung on silk and this will weaken the thread

If you notice the pearls are starting to move on the thread then it is time to have them restrung. Knotting the thread will help prevent losing the entire string if it should break.

Drop into Gold River Jewellers to check out our range from the classics to the modern and contemporary.


Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings

South Sea White Pearl Pendant with Diamond


Posted to Birthstone Information on Tue 2 2019