Engagement Ring Styles for 2020

Engagement Ring styles for 2020, a hot topic on everyone’s lips.

We understand how hard it can be to take the first steps in finding the perfect engagement ring.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites for you.

See below for some of our most popular designs.


Traditional Solitaire’s

A traditional solitaire engagement ring is a ring of timeless elegance.

Most noteworthy, the original Tiffany & Co. engagement ring was a solitaire engagement ring;

Because of this, the solitaire design is a favorite year round.

In general, solitaire rings are beautiful no matter the size or shape of the gem.



Halo Style Engagement Rings

The Halo ring is a style that surrounds a gem like above.

A halo of diamonds around the center gem stone enhances its overall beauty.

Pairing your halo with shoulder stones will accentuate your ring’s features.

A halo style is beautiful – sophisticated and modern.

Princess Cut Diamond’s

This 18ct yellow and white gold diamond engagement ring is set with one 0.90ct G coloured Si clarity princess cut stone is beautifully accompanied by the round brilliant diamonds equaling a total diamond weight of 0.14ct.

Recently, we have noticed an increase in requests for princess cut diamonds.

The princess cut is a diamond shape that has retained its popularity.

The princess square cut stone has a sharp look and a beautiful sparkle.



Trilogy Style Ring

Our third style in the list is the gorgeous trilogy ring.

The center stone is often set higher due to its size.

This feature of a trilogy ring produces a beautiful and lasting look.

Lets Talk Customisation

Because an engagement ring is so special, personal preference is a must!

Let us at Gold River Jewellers help create a brand new piece that you’ll love for years to come.

We are available to chat about your personal preferences any time.

The sky truly is you limit when it comes to designing.

Don’t know where to start? Book a design consultation with our specialist jewellers to discover perfection the Gold River way! 



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