Josie B, a jewellers story.

A passion for jewellery.

Josie’s affinity with jewellery began at a young age; it was a fascination since childhood. Growing up she enjoyed being creative and crafting things with her hands. The passion grew when she pursued the jewellery industry, inspired by a local manufacturing Jeweller to begin the journey of becoming a Jeweller herself.

Josie has been a part of the Gold River Jewellers team for five years and in this time, she has been consistently working towards her Cert III in Jewellery Manufacturing. Josie’s beginning at Gold River Jewellers started off simply by introducing herself to owners and head jewellers Bruce Hume and Darren Ryan, showing her enthusiasm for jewellery. To begin, Josie offered her time voluntarily, to purely sit in the workshop and watch the Jewellers working on the bench. Bruce went on to set Josie projects, which she excelled in completing; reflecting true commitment and passion to become a Jeweller.

Hard work and an eye for detail.

Firstly, offered a Jeweller position at our manufacturing workshop located in Geebung; Josie worked hard and rapidly improved her repair skills over the course of one year. She then went on to be offered a position at our North Lakes showroom and manufacturing workshop where she works tirelessly to ensure every customer admires their carefully crafted jewellery pieces for a lifetime.

Josie is highly skilled in jewellery design and generating designs for custom bespoke pieces (allowing the client to view the concept before the bespoke jewellery items are crafted), proficiently using the laser welder, all types of repairs ranging from a simple ring resize to a complete refurbish of an heirloom piece, setting precious gemstones and many other aspects of jewellery making.

Designer of the Elements Collection

Josie is Gold River Jewellers leading female Jeweller and is responsible for the design and creation of our ‘Elements’ range.

‘Elements’ was inspired to utilise gemstones that are not normally featured within fine jewellery – creating something personal and unique. As the driving force behind ‘Elements’, Josie wanted to create bespoke pieces which allowed the client to become the designer. The ‘Elements’ range provides an array of gemstones for selection, allowing the client to design their piece from start to finish; creating a unique jewellery keepsake.

Josie’s love for all things unique keeps her creative light shining bright; resulting in various ideas and concepts to be developed, cementing her value and position at Gold River Jewellers.

“It is satisfying to be a part of a significant process that connects a bespoke piece of jewellery to an individual’s personality. To be the clients trusted jeweller for life, by using expertise and care to continuously deliver an exceptional jewellery experience makes the job forever rewarding.” – Josie B.


Browse Josie’s exquisite elements collection online or visit our showroom at North Lakes to have a piece designed or made by Josie.

Posted to GRJ Blog on Tue 2 2021