Easy Guide to Engagement Rings 2019

So you’re thinking about popping the question?

We’ve put together this easy, 5 step guide to help you create the perfect engagement ring!

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Step 1: Colour

There are four main types of precious metals and each has its own characteristics.


Yellow Gold

The traditional colour of all jewellery, yellow gold has been the most popular over time.


White Gold

White gold is the on trend colour of the moment and suits most skin tones.


Rose Gold

Soft vintage unique, perfect for those looking for something individual.



Premium of all metals, it’s shine, lustre & strength is exceptional.


Step 2: Style


Traditional yet romantic, this style will last the ages.



A modern classic, the halo has quickly become one of the most popular choices.



Traditional and unique, the trilogy is a timeless classic


Add shoulder stones

A nice addition, shoulder stones sit next to the centre stone to add detail to the design.


Design something unique

Feeling creative? Talk to our design team to develop a bespoke piece just for you.



Step 3: Centre Stone


Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings. There are four main features to a diamond; clarity, colour, carat & cut (known as the 4C’s).

One of the most important being the cut or shape of the stone.

Round Cut

Popular cut for giving the greatest refraction (sparkle).


Princess Cut

Square cut diamond that fits with most styles.



Pear shape diamond that has a unique style and has become more popular.



There are other unique cuts of diamonds that are less commonly used in engagement.

If you would like more information on diamonds & the 4C’s please visit this link.


Coloured Stones

While diamonds are the traditional option, there are many other beautiful & unique stones.


A soft feminine pink stone that is becoming a popular option.



The second hardest of all stones, Sapphire is a promise to last with a beautiful rich range of colours.

Other Stones

There many types of coloured stones, perfect for an engagement ring, such as emerald, ruby, topaz, aquamarine (pictured) & more.



Step 4: Ring Size

It’s always nice to get the right ring size when you propose. Bring one of her rings in and we can measure it to get the correct size.


Step 5: Speak with our design team

Once you have an idea of the gold, stone & style that you like, come in to Gold River and our team can help you create something beautiful & unique that suits your budget.

Contact us!


Gold river has a range of ready made rings & we can also hand-make rings to suit exactly what you like!


Download the free PDF version of this guide!

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