Gold River Jewellers Heritage

In a small town on the outskirts of Brisbane two young jewellers Bruce Hume and Darren Ryan had a vision to deliver high quality handmade jewellery and on-site repairs. In 1995 the vision of these two young jewellers came to life when they started their own company based around high quality handmade jewellery and on-site repairs but also embraced a mission for the discovery of perfection built around a real promise… a promise for delivering real care, real quality by real jewellers. Soon enough Bruce and Darren began to experience a large following of customers.

As their clientele grew so did their need for a larger workshop, and in 2006 Bruce Hume and Darren Ryan moved Gold River Jewellers to James St Fortitude Valley. The store continued their vision for creating high quality jewellery and on-site repairs, and it began to attract an even greater following that included the likes of celebrities. After almost 10 years at James St and continuing to grow in clientele both Bruce and Darren knew it was time to open yet again a bigger store.

The North Lakes store opened in 2014, and Gold River Jewellers now has over 13 jewellers and two sides to the business being Trade and Retail. The trade store which is separate to the North Lakes business services repairs for the industry, whilst the retail store located at Shop 110, 53 Endeavour Blvd features an onsite workshop, jeweller and design team with an extensive range of jewellery and services. To this day Gold River Jewellers continues to deliver their promise for perfection, a real promise for real care, real quality and real jewellers


Bruce Hume

Darren Ryan

“We’d like to say hello and thank you, and to tell you a bit about ourselves. Both Darren and I started Gold River Jewellers in 1995 – over 25 years ago. Coming from humble beginnings, we knew we wanted to create a brand that encompassed a focus on service and high quality jewellery as this is what Darren and myself are passionate about. Keeping that vision in mind, the business has now grown to have over 20 staff, which we are both proud of and even though Gold River Jewellers has been around for 25 years it still feels like a brand new business, with new and exciting projects constantly being implemented. We invite you to view our range of jewellery, and to get in touch with us if you have any questions. We are passionate about giving you the best service and providing you with a piece of jewellery that you will absolutely love.”