Birthstone for August ~ Peridot and Spinel

PERIDOT is one of those rare gemstones that come in only one colour ~ Yellowish Green

Yellow Gold Peridot Cabochon Stacker Ring

The Peridot birthstone is known for having been formed under extreme conditions. It has been found in Meteorites that have travelled from outer space or hardened Lava that has travelled from deep in the earth’s mantle.

  • It is the national stone of Egypt
  • Symbolizes strength
  • Sometimes known as the ‘Evening Emerald’ because of its light green colour
  • Known as the stone of compassion and believed to balance emotions and the mind, bringing good health, restful sleep and peace to the relationship of those who wear the Peridot
  • Peridot is known to create a positive energy

Yellow Gold Citrine and Peridot Studs


SPINEL is the stone of hope, revitalization and encourages the feeling of joy for being alive.

  • Comes in many colours meaning it can be used to revitalize every chakra of the body
  • “Spinels help bring fresh energy to your mind, body, heart and spirit”
  • Because of its hardness (Rating at 8 on the hardness scale) and resistance to weathering you might be lucky enough to find it as a pebble in the river bed or in the sand on the beach


Posted to Birthstone Information on Fri 5 2019