What to do with your old gold jewellery?

It’s a story we’ve heard a thousand times: “I have all of this jewellery that I don’t wear. What should I do with it?”

Jewellery is supposed to be worn. There’s no point letting your precious jewellery sit in a box collecting dust!

Here’s a few things we recommend you do with old gold jewellery you don’t wear anymore.


1. Melt Down & Custom Design Something New

A characteristic of gold is that it can be melted down & re-shaped into something new over and over, without losing strength or value.

That means we can take your gold and create a new piece of jewellery!

Most precious gems can also be removed, cleaned and used in a new piece.

For a fraction of the cost, you can make something unique!  Our jewellers are expert craftsmen and can turn scrap gold into (just about) any piece of jewellery.

A few options for re-modelling is to create a bangle. This combines all of your gold into one piece. See the photo below:

Here are a few more custom designs created from customers gold:

Take something old and make something new. Create a piece you will actually wear!

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2. Repair & Clean The Pieces

Sometimes, a bit of TLC is all that is required!  Get a professional to inspect the piece.  They will be able to tell if any repair work is required.

At Gold River Jewellers, we can repair & restore just about any piece of gold jewellery.  Whether there’s a stone loose, worn claw, wrong size – our jewellers will most likely be able to fix it.

The piece below had been run through a lawn-mower.

We were able to re-shape & repair the ring to be worn again.

Other times all you need is a professional clean and polish.  This will restore a whole new life to your jewellery!

Repairing is perfect if you want to keep a sentimental piece & restore to its original glory.

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3. Sell For Gold Value

Another option is to sell the piece for gold value. If you’re not looking to wear these pieces again, we can purchase your gold for cash.

We don’t buy stones or gems, but our jewellers can remove & return them at your request.

Find out ore about selling gold

Posted to GRJ Blog on Fri 5 2019