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What is rhodium?

Rhodium is a precious metal, extremely white in colour. It can be up to 3-4 times more expensive than gold per gram. 

Compared to gold, rhodium is harder, highly reflective and more scratch resistant. However, it is also very brittle and can not be shaped into jewellery on its own. 

Yet it is fantastic as a plating finish on white gold jewellery. 


What are the benefits?

Adding an extra layer of rhodium will help make white gold shine and last longer. 

It will make your white gold jewellery look brand new again!

The extra layer will give your piece more scratch resistance. It is a


How does rhodium get plated on to a ring?

The metal is reduced down into a liquefied solution. This solution is then electroplated onto the jewellery. 

Essentially, this coats the piece in a layer of hard metal that helps protect & bring out the shine of the jewellery!  


How often do I need to rhodium plate my jewellery?

There are no strict rules when it comes to rhodium plating. 

Everything just depends on how the ring looks! If it looks dull, get it rhodium plated.

Depending on how often you wear the piece, you may need to get it done every 6 to 18 months.

The best way to check shine is to take a photo right after you’ve gotten it plated. That will give you a reference point to look back on.


What types of metal need to be rhodium plated?

Rhodium is white in colour and is used to enhance other white metals. 

In general, only white gold and sometimes silver require plating. 

Platinum – while white in colour – does not need to be plated. Platinum has a natural shine and lustre that does not require coating. A professional buff and polish will renew the sparkle to platinum. 

Yellow and rose gold will lose its original color if rhodium is applied. 


How much does rhodium plating cost?

At Gold River Jewellers, we charge $70 per piece. 

If you have many pieces, you can buy a care plan that gives you 6 rhodium plates to use over 18 months for $270. Visit us in store for more information on the care plan!


How long does it take?

At Gold River, we can usually get it done on the same day!

Watch a movie or enjoy a coffee & while you wait.  


Posted to GRJ Blog on Fri 5 2020