Five Tips for Longer Lasting Jewellery!

Gold River Jewellers is proud to share with its customers five tips for longer lasting jewellery.

Over time your jewellery will slowly lose its original shine, so below is a guide on how to keep your jewellery looking beautiful to new.

We hope these tips will help to keep your precious jewellery looking new, stunning, and clean.

1. Regularly Wipe And Clean Your Jewellery

Wiping your jewellery with a professional jewellery cloth is one of the easiest ways to keep your jewellery clean. Professional cleaning cloths contain embedded polish compound that gives a better finish than a regular cloth.

After regular wear and use, dirt, grit and sweat can will build up on your favorite pieces. By giving a quick wipe over every few days to remove any dirt will help protect your metal and keep shining for longer.

You can also gently clean your jewellery using warm water, clear detergent & a soft tooth brush*.  This will help to remove dirt from under the settings. Make sure to rinse and dry the piece after washing.


(A beautiful repair and clean performed by our jewellers)


2. Put Your Pearls On After Applying Your Perfume

Perfumes damage your pearls, so wait until the perfume has dried before putting them back on.

Pearls should always be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.

3. Don’t Wear Your Jewellery When You’re At The Gym Or Carrying Anything Heavy

While this tip applies to all jewellery, it is especially important to take your rings off when lifting anything heavy!

Putting pressure on your jewellery can bend it out of shape, causing major damage.

Some customers come in with rings that are bent out of shape just from carrying groceries.

4. Store Your Jewellery Correctly

Storing your jewellery in a soft, secure, and safe space is important in maintaining the shine and finish of your pieces.

Ensure your jewellery pieces are separated and not touching. Rubbing will cause scratching and wear.

Having a suitable jewellery box with soft fabric padding will protect your jewellery.

Even something as simple as wrapping your pieces in tissue paper will help to reduce scratching.

5. Having Your Jewellery Professionally Cleaned And Polished

This is by far the best way to maintain your jewellery.

The jeweller will check your item for wear and tear.  A professional jeweller will be able to notice any issues with your jewellery.

Getting a professional to inspect and clean your piece ensures that everything is in order and safe.



You wear and see your jewellery every day, which means it’s hard to notice when you need a clean.

Take a photo of your jewellery right after it has been professionally cleaned. This way you know exactly how sparkly and shiny it should always be.


Gold River Jewellers experience in creating and repairing jewellery in the greater Brisbane area is second to none, so come and visit us for tips on how to enjoy longer lasting jewellery.


Posted to GRJ Blog on Wed 3 2020