Ring Resizing, the perfect fit.

Does your ring no longer fit over your knuckle? Does the ring slide off your finger? Is uncomfortable to wear and hurts your fingers when you squeeze your hands together?
This is a sign that your ring needs to be resized.

Ring resizing is one of the most common repairs completed at Gold River Jewellers. Whilst it is a simple task that occurs every day the process does require careful craftsmanship. Whether your ring is too big or too small, the best way to achieve an accurate ring size is to be measured by a professional using the correct ring resizing tools.

The Perfect Fit

What is the perfect fit? Bruce, Gold River Jewellers Owner and ‘Head Jeweller’ states that the ring should “slide on easily and require a slight pull to get the ring off”. There are many points to consider when resizing a ring:

  • Your fingers will expand and shrink on a daily basis and will also alter based on the current
  • Certain metals cannot be resized i.e. Zirconium, Titanium
  • Depending on the setting style and stones surrounding the ring, it can be difficult to resize.
  • Every Jeweller uses different tools for resizing, so no two sizes are exactly the same.

This is why we recommend consulting with our team in-store to determine the correct fit!

The Process

Resize Smaller: To decrease the size of your ring, the Jeweller will cut your ring at the base of the band, remove a piece of metal and solder it back together.
Resize Larger: To increase the size of your ring, the Jeweller will cut your ring at the base of the band, insert a piece of metal (the same purity and size) and solder it back together.

Gold River Jewellers have invested in state-of-the-art machinery to advance their on-site workshop; including a laser welder. This technology allows our Jewellers to laser join the ring metal together ensuring that the resize piece just added will stay in place for the life of the ring, or that the resize join will never come apart.


Upcoming Proposal Tips

You have finally selected the engagement ring! From choosing the correct style, selecting the diamond and staying within your budget; it can be easy to forget about the right ring size.
Luckily ring resizing is the easiest part to alter after an engagement ring has been crafted. Here are the Gold River Jewellers we have complied tips for choosing a ring size for your
significant other:
– Ask friends or family members if they know their ring size
– Borrow a ring from your significant other and use it to get an estimate.
– Guess! When taking a guess, we recommend selecting a size up, this is better than sizing down as ultimately the ring will need to be resized anyways. As the ring size is already estimated; sizing up will ensure the ring will fit their finger when you propose.


Resizing Antique and Heirloom Rings

A visual inspection from one of our Jewellers is required when resizing an antique or heirloom ring. Over its long life, there is a chance that the ring size has been changed multiple times. Our experienced Jewellers can confirm the integrity of the ring, identify any other issues that may go unnoticed by the wearer and suggest options to increase the longevity of the ring, before the ring is resized.

When a ring is resized by a professional Jeweller, they can ensure the rings integrity and appearance is not affected. At Gold River Jewellers we pride ourself on quality craftsmanship, which is reflected in all our repairs.

Our on-site workshop allows us to have your ring back to you within 1-2 days.
Visit our North Lakes Showroom to discuss the possibilities of resizing your ring.

Posted to GRJ Blog on Tue 2 2021