1. Insurance

Please visit the Australia Post website for more information on insurance before sending your items to Gold River Jewellers.

Gold River Jewellers insurance will cover your items up to $20,000 when posting your items back to you.

It is your responsibility to ensure the safe packaging of your items. Please also include your full name, return address, and contact number/email.

  1. Quoted Prices

An estimate will be provided prior to sending your item.  However, an official quote cannot be confirmed until one of our jewellers inspects your items.

Work on your repairs will not proceed until you have given explicit consent to begin at the official quoted price.

  1. Payment

Only when your repairs have been paid in full will Gold River Jewellers ship your completed items back to you. Gold River Jewellers accepts credit card payment over the phone as well as bank transfer.

Bank transfers can take up to 3-7 business days to clear & Gold River Jewellers is not responsible for any delay in payment being received.

  1. Shipping

An Australian Post tracking code will be given once payment has been received.

  1. Ring Sizes

Gold River Jewellers is not liable for any incorrect ring sizing information provided.