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Jeweller Repairs Brisbane

On Site Jewellery Repairs

Services include:

  • Chain Repairs
  • Ring Resizes & Repairs
  • Rhodium Plating
  • New Settings & Claws
  • Charm Joins
  • Jewellery Cleaning
  • Jewellery Alterations



Find out what your jewellery is worth with a valuation by our independent valuer. The valuation service is conducted by a trusted independent company who provide high quality valuations true to market price for insurance purposes with in-depth descriptions.

Watch Repairs

Gold River Jewellers prides itself on partnering with an experienced watchmaker who comes from a family of watchmakers expanding over a history of 140 years. Whether you are wanting a simple battery replacement, a service or a repair our watch maker will be able to quote on this for you.

Restringing of Pearls

Gold River Jewellers offer a professional independent service for pearl restringing. Using a high quality string and focusing on the overall look of the strand makes a world of difference when having a precious strand of pearls restrung.

Gem Cutting

Gold River Jewellers offer a professional independent service for gem cutting. If you have a raw piece of stone that you would like to have cut then speak to Gold River Jewellers today.

Laser & Hand Engraving

Using leading laser tehcnology and the latest in hand engraving machinery the jewellers at Gold River Jewellers are able to engrave the perfect wording or filigree to your special piece of jewellery. Speak to the team about engraving today!

Rhodium Plating

Gold River Jewellers offer a professional onsite rhodium plating service to increase the shine and brightness of your white gold jewellery.


Transform your old jewellery into wearable new designs with Gold River Jewellers. If you have old gold that you are no longer using, or gemstones that are awaiting settings then simply visit Gold River Jewellers to have a design made for you.

When you walk into the store you will be greeted by a design team member who will sort through your jewellery with you, then hand sketch the perfect piece, once your design is finalised our jeweller will begin hand making the perfect piece for you. The perfect piece awaits you at Gold River Jewellers.

Jewellery Remodelling

Custom & Handmade Jewellery Design

Gold River Jewellers specialise in handmade and custom-made design. Whether you have a design in mind or are wanting some inspiration Gold River Jewellers can create the perfect piece for you.

Custom designed Jewellery Northlakes

Handmade Jewellery

When a piece is handmade it goes through a process of micro engineering whereby the jeweller hand crafts the piece of jewellery with a focus for long term wearability. As opposed to a mass made piece that is produced in a factory with little focus on longevity. At Gold River Jewellers we say that comparing handmade to mass made manufactured jewellery is like comparing hardwood to chip board. Handmade is more robust and higher in quality, whilst mass made is lower in strength and durability.


Custom-Designed Jewellery

Have you got a piece in mind that you are longing to have made, but cannot find it anywhere. Do you love elements of certain designs but cannot find the right combination for you – then Gold River Jewellers Custom-Design option is perfect for you. Custom design means that you will have a piece of jewellery made to your requirements, needs and specifications.  Read more about our custom designed jewellery here

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